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Your One-Stop Shop for Learning Resources

Teachers Resource Store provides engaging ELA and Spanish resources, including print & digital worksheet activities and gamified learning materials. Whether you're teaching beginners or advanced learners, our materials are designed to help your students succeed.

Boost Classroom Engagement With Audio And Animated Activities

Take your lessons to the next level with our animated resources which include auditory support. Designed to captivate your students' attention, these materials bring your lessons to life. From grammar to vocabulary, we have everything you need to make learning fun.

Create your own engaging resources

Teachers Resource Store also offers a variety of templates, clipart, animated images (Gifs) and audio clips for teachers wanting to design their own materials.

Interactive Job Interviews

These Interactive speaking activities are a fantastic resource for older students looking to improve their speaking skills and gain confidence for job interviews. With the help of read along transcripts and an open ended response challenge exercise, students will become equipped to answer common interview questions with ease.